Finally, a 'Greener' Way to Treat Medical Waste

Sustainable | Cost-Effective | Efficient

We’re pleased to offer locally deployed, industry-scale medical waste destruction with unprecedented emissions control orders of magnitude below any incineration process.

Our goal is to provide discrete and convenient destruction sites dispersed throughout a community, region, and nationally to better meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.  The era of the remote large polluting fixed site is over!

Closer to customer facilities, reduced freight & delivery time, more environmentally friendly and cost effective while offering greater responsiveness to customer requirements. 

'Think Global, Act Local'

Now That's Something We Can All Own!

Paragon Southwest’s medical waste treatment helps all stakeholders reduce their operating costs along with their carbon footprint by offering a local solution to a global problem – treating the waste near to where it is generated.

Our offering is sustabinable for both the environment and our clients’ operating budgets!

  • reducing liability, costs and chain of custody issues
  • increasing responsiveness and customer service
  • enabling compliance with stringent sustainability regulations

We believe that it’s important for a business to be responsive to the changing environment in which it operates – whether that’s at a global level or local level.  We are pleased to provide a solution that ladders up to the ‘greater good’ by offering a NEW model for medical waste treatment.