superior technology

Unprecedented environmental performance versus incineration. Offers tangible differences that are important to your customers.

·        Batch system process

·        Broad packaging flexibility

·        No waste manipulation, No shredding

·        7 Parallel Systems – Industry Scale – NEVER Down

 Enables compliance with ever-changing, stringent sustainability requirements.

close to our customers

We are local with more geographical locations. We don’t need to be as large, and you don’t need to transport as far.

·       Reduced transport difference

·       Reduced chain of custody risk

·       Reduced freight cost and carbon footprint

·       Easy scheduling

Responsive customer service; no scheduling, delivery lines or rejected loads due to delays.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of employing CoronaLux® Technology

·     Customer Service Driven – Focused on YOU

·    Simple Pricing – No extra fee or surcharges

·   Unprecedented Environmental Performance

·   Complete Thermal Destruction – NO Char

·   Meets All Environmental, Social & Governance Requirements


PSMW is Accepting “incinerate only” medical waste as of January, 2018.

Finally, a “greener Way to Treat Medical Waste

Locally Deployed

Paragon Southwest Medical Waste is pleased to offer locally deployed, industry-scale medical waste destruction with unprecedented emissions control orders of magnitude below any incineration’s process.

Discrete AND Convenient

Our goal is to provide discrete and convenient destruction sites dispersed throughout a community, region, and nationally to better meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Reduced Freight Time

Paragon Southwest Medical Waste is closer to customer facilities, reduced freight and delivery time, more environmentally friendly and cost effective while offering greater responsiveness to customer requirements.